Online Studio Lessons *NEW

Welcome to the most exciting news: Online Studio Lessons! Glauco Lima has been working as music teacher for more than 15 years. He serves the New York Greater Area including the tri-state area(NJ, NY, and CT). His versatile background equipped him with the ability to teach several different styles of music along with different exciting techniques in order to sound proper and accordingly. Since he has a vast experience of teaching, playing live, recording, and producing, people always search for his services. This exciting new feature "Online Studio Lessons" expand the limits of teaching privately to almost an unlimited number of people, breaking the barrier of distance and reaching both national and international students! To try one lesson for free and experience the most innovative teaching feature, simply contact us. "Thank you for visiting this section of my website" - (Glauco) Skype: gplmusic(Glauco Lima)